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→ Vision

Sound Dimension has set out to create a new de-facto standard within sound. A standard that can ultimately be enjoyed by all – somewhat like Dolby in the old days and similar to the way Bluetooth has become a standard for connectivity.

→ New, focused strategy

The first Wow Moment made it possible to demonstrate how the AiFi technology allows several smartphones play together as a chorus where sound is optimized in how each unit best collaborate and contribute to the collective sound experience that the chorus of speakers provides. With this, AiFi can be seen and heard and Sound Dimension’s slogan “Hearing is believing” became very real all of a sudden.

The other good news was the introduction of Auracast, a newly branded development of Bluetooth (BTLE Audio) that enables playing one-to-many, and allows for soft update of existing speaker units.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 23.28.20.png

With the AiFi Streaming App, music services can offer this to their users and allow for a better listening experience for groups of users no matter if they are inside or outside activating their smartphones and Bluetooth speakers for an optimized group listening experience.


More does not necessarily mean better. AiFi makes speakers perform better -individually and together.

→ Strong market response

In parallel with the positive external validations of the power and relevance of the technology, the marketing towards the two target groups was initiated after the summer, starting in effect in August 2022.

🏁 In other words, the race is on 🏁

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 23.52.06.png

A few weeks thereafter, the company was able to bring back the first batch of good news from the market.

The initial response was strong and initial contact with more than 10 companies (B) in the two target groups led to currently ongoing sales meetings and negotiations (D) with 3 such qualified potential partners/customers.

On this basis, Sound Dimension was able to announce its accelerated guidance that 3-4 technology trials (F) are expected to be landed in 2022/23 leading to break-even by the end of 2023 and thereafter leading to more than 5 commercial licensing partnerships in 2023/24.

This would mark the all-important proof of business as well as the first important steps towards positioning AiFi as a new de-facto standard in sound. The details behind these projections can be seen in the presentation that was given to a live audience in Stockholm on 8 September 2022.