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The Story from 2013 Onwards:

Sound Dimension is based upon its patented Artificial intelligence Fidelity (AiFi) technology, as invented by Fredrik Gunnarsson and his team in Karlstad since 2013. On the way, the company developed a unique speaker that was named a CES 2017 Innovation Award nominee. A lot of attention was created and many of the big speaker brands were interested in licensing. In hindsight the company should have gone down the licensing path, but it was ’high’ on the reaction to its speakers and wanted to just develop and sell its own products, which turned out to be much too expensive.

In 2019 the company entered the licensing path and signed up a leading projector manufacturer, Anker Innovations, proving that licensing the technology is indeed a viable option. First, the technology was integrated in a professional (low volume) product with successful performance, yet limited unit sales. Later, in March 2022, the technology was integrated into the first Anker Innovation consumer product, the next generation 4K portable projector, Nebula Cosmos.

In October 2020 the Company engaged with Gemstone Capital and a new 3-step strategy was developed with the purpose of taking the company to its original goal of setting a new standard within sound. Ultimately enabling all speakers in any setting – inside or outside – to play together in an optimized chorus, by deploying the AiFi technology.

One year later - after rounds of pre-IPO funding - the company was listed on Spotlight Stock Market on October 6, 2021 with 15mSEK in proceeds and a development plan ready for execution. This indeed was a last minute accomplishment, given that the financial markets in general and the microcap markets in particular started their decline shortly after.

→ The First Wow Moment

Following the IPO, and despite the tough financial climate, intense product development took place as planned and in April 2022 the company was able to create the first ’wow’ in Karlstad in front of an invited audience, showcasing with its early beta version of the AiFi App for the first time how a group of smartphones can be seamlessly connected and create a powerful experience. The rest is history …


→ Listing Documents

Intro Document from Listing

Intro Document from Listing

IPO memorandum (Swedish)

IPO memorandum (Swedish)