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The technology has been demonstrated to audiences in both Copenhagen and Stockholm.

These demos have created spontaneous and significant excitement as expressed in the following videos:


30 August 2022: Investor Presentation live @ FS Market


8 September 2022: Presentation of the technology and its application

❕scroll down on pdf below to see more

AiFi Presentation_Stockholm_20220908 v20220920sb.pdf

8 September 2022: Demo and Reactions


8 September 2022: Latest investor presentation ❕scroll down on pdf below to see more

Business objectives and process - plan_ 2022-09-08.pdf

8 September 2022: After the event some of the prominent bloggers, etc. posted from the experience in Stockholm

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19.35.26.png

ℹ️ Michael Åkerman on LinkedIn

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 22.42.09.png

ℹ️ Dogge Doggelito on Facebook


15 June 2022: Introduction


15 June 2022: Long Form Interview and Demo


15 June 2022: Reactions


New speaker technology is leading the way”

In supplement to the demonstrations and the enthusiastic reactions, investor presentations have been made in which the technology and strategy has been unfolded.

ℹ️ Read the article here.

Latest Announcements

08-09-2022: Business update: Sound Dimension expects to reach break-even already in 2023